Art. 196 During the period of their studies students have the following rights:

To use the amphitheatres, course and seminary halls, laboratories, reading halls, libraries and all the other means facilitated by UL for supporting their professional and scientifically training.

To benefit of merit scholarships, study scholarships, social help scholarships and other forms of material support according to the law.

To benefit of treatment for recovering in spas and resorts on student camps.

To take part of students’ organizations , to elect and be elected as the students’ representative in the faculty and the universitary senate board.

To solicit with payment according to the specific of the studying subject and of the faculty, the carrying out of didactic activities ( partial exams, practice activities) outside the studying plan with the agreement of the professor and the approvment of the chef of the teaching department.

To benefit of national and international mobility.

To hand in petitions regarding the university life.


Art.197 Student’s have the following duties:

To observe the normative documents whit rule the activity of the students.

To obey the exigencies of the studying plans and of the demands specified in the analytical curricula of the subjects in the studying plans.

To obey the university discipline and to have a civilized behavior a decent and proper appearance to prove polities and respect in their relation with the academic administrative and technical staff with their college as well as other people

To use carefully the didactic materials at his disposal within the university space, libraries, hostels, etc. and to preserve them.

To pay the sums corresponding to the damage produced UL by degrading or destroying the materials he has used.


Art. 198 Breaking the obligations stipulated in the regulations of the present charter will consequently draw sanction upon those who are guilty according to the seriousness of their deeds as it follows:

Written reprimand;

Written reprimand with warning;

Suspending the scholarship for a month;

Suspending the scholarship for a university semester;


The sanctions are carried out by the dean’s board.









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