Since 2010, Lumina - the University of South-East Europe has initiated a series cooperations and partnerships with companies from the private environment, institutions, organisations and last but not least other universities, along with which it wishes to develop educational activities and programmes for the benefit of students and teachers. These partnerships include:

  • agreements for the conduct of practical programmes for the students of Lumina University,
  • agreements for the conduct of student exchange programmes and exchanges of experience for teachers,
  • delimitation of the framework within which the signatory parties can develop actions and projects and organise events for educational, scientific and cultural purposes,
  • understandings for mutual support of activities that can contribute to the advancement of scientific research and progress of education.

Starting with the second year of studies all the students participate in practical trainings during which they have the opportunity to develop practical skills and specific competences related to their university specialisations by taking part in various activities in companies or specialised institutions. For instance, for the students of the Business Administration programme, our university has cooperation agreements with companies acknowledged in the financial field, among which Garanti Bank and Audit Business Consulting Rovio, while the Engineering Department has concluded a partnership with Siemens Romania, DigiSign and PSS-Prosoft Solutions. Students at the International Relations and European Studies programme can carry on their practical training at the Institute of Sociology of the Romanian Academy under the Government of Romania, the Department for Interethnic Relations or in the Ministry of Labour. Among other partnerships very useful particularly for students include the partnership concluded with Lugera & Makler Romania, which is one of the largest companies in the country for the recruitment and placement of personnel, as well as the one concluded with the Romanian Federation of UNESCO Associations, Centres and Clubs, in cooperation with which our university has already organized the 3rd International Congress of European UNESCO Clubs, a cultural event where the students and professors of Lumina University were invited.

On the basis of signed agreements our partners offer the university the necessary support for organizing events of common interest (conferences, workshops, information campaigns, etc.) and for the organization of practice stages and internships (which may extend to 6 months) for our students. Other extremely useful agreements are those signed with other educational institutions, which offer us the opportunity to organise student exchange programmes and exchange of experience and scientific activities for the teachers. Hanze University Groningen from the Netherlands, the European University from Switzerland or Fatih University from Turkey are just some of the universities to which our students can apply starting with the second year of study in order to become part of a student exchange programme.

The university's partnerships extend from one year to another, as new companies and recognized institutions grant us confidence and support to conduct an educational process oriented towards performance.

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