The main mission assumed by Lumina - the University of South-East Europe of Bucharest is to form and develop professional skills in political, administrative, social, cultural, economic sciences and IT, thereby contributing to national and international changes and developments in the fields of reference, in the spirit of democratic values and principles, openness to European and international cooperation. Pursuing this mission, the institution's main objectives are:

  • to train specialists who have the theoretical skills and the practical abilities to organize, lead and manage a sector of activity (political, social or economic, whether in the public or private field);
  • to form highly professionalized specialists, be they Romanian, Community and extra-Community, in governance and public management, in the field of international relations in general and European ones in particular;
  • to train highly professionalized specialists, be they Romanian, Community and extra-Community, in the sphere of IT sciences, as well as in social, cultural, and economic sciences;
  • to permanently update Romanian specialists' training, as well as the training of Community and extra-Community specialists by providing training and developing programmes consistent with the dynamics of labour market requirements;
  • to encourage the free thinking spirit, the renewal of knowledge and the improvement of qualifications by promoting on-going education programmes, particularly in the fields required by professional reconversion;
  • to develop scientific research in political, administrative, economic sciences, and international and cultural relations, and IT, on their own and in cooperation with similar domestic and foreign institutions;
  • to promote collaboration and partnership with other universities with a similar profile, organisations and government agencies, NGOs, companies and business circles and any other groups or entities whose requirements or needs fall within the scope and activity of the university; the principle underlying this objective is to create a partnership relation in which both parties invest and get benefits together;
  • to boost European integration strategies, in our reference area by running international programmes and by developing scientific and academic cooperation with partner organizations from Europe and worldwide;
  • to defend and develop the democratic framework, based on respect for the fundamental rights and liberties of the citizen in a law-based State.
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