The Board of Directors is the main body from the economic-financial and administrative point of view. The Board of Directors approves the annual budget of revenues and expenditures of the university. The Board of Directors fulfills any other attributions concerning the development of the university's material basis. The Board of Directors is composed of: President, Vice President, Secretary and members. Membership of the Board is determined by the Supervisory Board of Lumina Educational Institutions Foundation. The position of President of the Board of Directors is occupied by the President of the University. The Board of Directors decides on the use of the university assets and decides on their alienation, development and management.

The current composition of the Board of Directors is:

  • GÜRSOY Fatih 
  • AKYOL Hamdi
  • Lect.univ.dr. TAK Isa
  • Dr. DOKUYUCU Ahmet
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