The 2nd International Conference Of Modern Applied Languages was held in Lumina – The University of South-East Europe in Bucharest.

Date: 27 & 28, June 2015

Conference Theme: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL): New Perspectives

Great opportunities for the participants:

  • Papers and presentations can be in English, French, Romanian and Turkish.
  • All individual presentations will be finished on Saturday, June 27 2014.
  • Round table sesion with key-note speakers. Additional certificates are given for the attendees.
  • Proceedings book includes full version of all presented articles.(pdf)
  • Bucharest tour.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Victoria Murphy 

Professor of Applied Linguistics Department of Education, University of Oxford

Victoria Murphy is active in the following research areas, and would welcome DPhil applications on any of these, particularly those relating to EAL (language minority) children and child L2 learning and foreign language learning in primary school. She is also the convenor of theResearch in English as an Additional Language (REAL) group. Her research is currently being funded by the ESRC, Leverhulme Trust and Nuffield Foundation.

Dr. Peeter Mehisto

Institute of Education, University College London

Peeter Mehisto has researched factors contributing to successful CLIL programme development, as well as potential barriers to the implementation of CLIL initiatives. Peeter Mehisto is the author of several textbooks, trainer of teachers and administrators, CLIL programme initiator and manager, as well as former CLIL educator. He has taught at the elementary, secondary and university levels and is the winner of several awards in education.

He has extensive experience working with teachers in the classroom to support the implementation of best practice in CLIL methodology. He has also worked on the development of CLIL training materials, a major CLIL-related website, parent and other public relations materials and a handbook for teachers and administrators of immersion programmes. Peeter Mehisto is a frequent presenter at CLIL conferences.


CONFERENCE MAIN THEME: Content and language integrated learning

Conference sub-themes:

  1. Assessment
  1. Activities and resources
  2. Current and upcoming challenges in bilingual education
  3. Good practice
  4. Teacher pre- and in-service education
  5. The role of literacy in bilingual education
  6. Bilingual teaching in secondary education
  7. Current and upcoming challenges in bilingual education
  8. Teaching and learning of academic language
  9. CLIL in higher education
  10. English Language Teaching and Learning (ELT)
  11. Content and Language Integrated Learning
  12. Teacher education for multilingual and multicultural schools
  13. Intercultural communication
  14. Literature and culture
  15. Accelerated language learning

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